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Deep Creeks Shark Tank

Tank is out of our 2015 litter. His parent's are Gracie and Patch and he was born on September 26, 2015. Tank is super smart and loyal to a fault. Our daughter decided that Tank was her dog, and Tank seems to agree. Tank loves his kid and will do just about anything she asks. He spends all year learning how to be the best show dog a seven year old can train. He loves rally obedience and agility and he tolerates the more boring classes like obedience and showmanship. He also likes to follow cattle when we move them. Unfortunately, Tank hasn't gotten as much use as a stock dog as we were hoping because of "job" related injuries. He has had a broken toe, which required amputation, from running the hay fields and jumping the irrigation ditches. He loves to work and will continue to go to the mountain and get more exposure to cattle.

All of our dogs have been used for blood donors. Everyone at the veterinary clinic loves Tank. He is so calm and quiet which makes him easy for everyone to handle. It is almost like he knows that he is saving lives. 

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