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Our pups are bred with the working stock dog mentality in mind.  We use our dogs regularly on the ranch and want our pups to be able to carry on in their parent's footsteps.  We give preference to working homes but our dogs have gone to loving homes all over the US and Canada. They are used and loved as cow dogs, hog dogs, sheep dogs, agility dogs and loving family pets and protectors.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.  


2018 Litter

Izzy and Tank

Sire: Deep Creeks Shark Tank

Dam: Deep Creeks Cedar Creek Izzy

DOB: 7/13/2018

We haven't had a litter for almost three years and we have been receiving a ton of questions about when we were going to breed again. Well, this wasn't quite what we were planning to do, but accidents happy. We had been doing really well at keeping Tank away from Izzy as she went through her first puppy heat until our daughter let all of the dogs out to play. We soon found out that Izzy is a very fertile young dog. This litter, being an oops, was ironically born on Friday the 13th and so we decided that they were the "oh shoot" litter and they all received gun type names. We have six puppies, four girls and two boys. They are beautiful puppies and all have their own very strong personalities. Izzy is deaf in one ear and all of these puppies will be hearing tested, with a BAER testing system, before they leave our home. 


Male Puppies


Lui (Leupold) - Has a home

This puppy has the least amount of white on him, but that doesn't make him plain and boring. He is a happy and chunky guy. He is going to be suitable for many different lifestyles. He is bold enough to stand up for himself but is also happy sitting in your lap while everyone else rough houses. 


Ruger  -  Has a home

This is the bounciest puppy that we have. He never does anything at a walk and never runs without bounding everywhere. He is always happy and always looking for a face to lick. He is one of the smaller puppies but not at all afraid to voice his opinion if someone is pushing him around. He is also the first puppy to bark when someone pulls into the yard. He is super alert and will make a trusty sidekick.

Female Puppies


Tauri (Taurus)  -  Has a home

I hesitate to call this puppy reserved, I think the better word for her is patient. She will come and sit at my feet and wait for the other puppies to finish jumping on me, then she will come up and ask for her pets. She is just as active and go-getter as the rest, yet she already knows how to wait. I think patience is the hardest thing for any dog to learn and she, at 7 weeks old, is already trying to read the situation, this breed is amazing.


Maggi (Magazine) - Has a Home

This is a BOLD puppy. She is the first one to greet you and will leave the other puppies to come and see what her people are doing. She is a chunk, so pushing her way into the food bowl is definitely something she is good at. She doesn't back down from a good ole puppy brawl but loves her scratches as well. She is going to need farm job with rules. She is already grabbing pant legs as you walk by. This is a tough girl and a working home is preferred. 


Winnie (Winchester) - has a home


The only sable of the bunch is this litter girl. When we took an x-ray of her mom we saw five puppies, so when the fifth was born I gave the tired momma some time alone with her babies. When I went back out to check on the crew, there was a sixth one that didn't look like the rest. She is definitely a stand out puppy. She is the most independent puppy of this litter and will take off exploring the yard with the big dogs. She never goes far but she will definitely need a person who will give her a job and boundaries. Her mom was this way as a puppy. Izzy lives to please but when her person isn't giving her a job, she finds her own thing to do. I think this puppy is going to be the same way. 


Maril (Marlin) - Has a Home

This is probably the most reserved puppy in the litter but she is also one of the most loving. We noticed from early on that this puppy was going to need more one-on-one time to keep her from being scared, so our daughter took on that task. Marli spends most of her time on the porch swing with our daughter having her hair brushed and her every need cared for. Marli runs right to our daughter and enjoys every second of their time together. She would be great in a setting where she could have "her person" to care for.

UPDATE: As more puppies go to their forever homes, this little girl is really coming out of her shell. She is very athletic and alert. She also likes to push the chickens around the yard. I think she will have more of the gathering type of working habit and will do anything for her person.

2015 Litter

Gracie and Patch


Splash - This is a very bold but affectionate puppy. She is headed to North Carolina.

Lark - This puppy is a go-getter. She is always on the move but as soon as I call the puppies, she come back to check in and get pets. She isn't timid, but is more shy than the others and lets everyone else push her out of the way. I think she will be a loyal companion once she learns who her person is, but it is hard to do that with nine sibblings pushing her around. Headed to Texas.

This puppy is an aggressive little tike. There isn't anything that stands in her way, until you pick her up then she melts into your arms. She is staying here in Wyoming and we are excited to watch her grow.


Tank - This puppy is my wife's favorite pup. He runs around and checks everything out then comes back, without being called, and sits at your feet to check in. He is going to be a stout built puppy that doesn't back down from a challenge. We think he is best suited for a working home, if my wife will ever let go of him. Pending

Ryder - This is a cool kid. He is one of the quietest puppies. He always knows where we are and stays close and is one of the first ones to meet you at the kennel and of course the food dish. He is headed to Washington.


Princess Sofia the 1st - This is the only puppy that we have ever sold as not breeding quality. Sofia punctured the outer layer of her skin on her belly and as it healed, she developed a hernia. This has all been fixed, has healed and the hair has grown back. She is going to be a good gaurd dog, since she already barks at the other dogs when they get too close to the rest of the puppies. She is the smallest, but is in no way timid or shy. From being doctored daily, she loves her one on one time with us and has become very bold. Headed to Iowa.

Chocolate Chip - This puppy is every where, she is a very athletic girl. She visits the chickens, checks out the horses, and is back at my feet before you know it. She is a darker, shaded sable and is going to be very pretty. Headed to Texas.

Peanut Butter - This puppy is one of the lighter colored girls and has a big white chest. She is going to be a beautiful big girl. She a little bit timid when you reach your hand down to pet her but if you go slow she will snuggle up to you and never leave your side. She also thinks it is her job to wash your ears with her tongue. She is headed to No. Dakota.


Chunky - This puppy is about as wide as he is tall. He is a big teddy bear. He loves being held but mostly he loves sitting at your feet and playing with you. If you reach to him to pet him he will sit on his hindend and wrap his paws around your arms. He is great at giving hugs. Headed to New Mexico.

Moose - I screwed up naming this puppy, his name should have been Dozer. There isn't anything that stands in his way. He is broad chested and determined to go where ever he wants. Headed to Texas.

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