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Spring is still available to the right working home

2019 Litter


Sire: Deep Creeks Shark Tank

Dam: Deep Creek Harper

DOB: 1/9/2019

This is the first litter our of Harper and if these pups are anything

like their parents, they are going to be fun. Harper is my right

hand. She follows me any where and knows what I want before I know.

She is super athletic but will also lay at my feet. Tank is my daughter's best friend. He is gentle when needed but he would die protecting our family. These dogs both work cattle as well as anything and everything an eight year old girl could ask of a dog, and they do it willingly. There are 9 puppies, 4 males and 5 females. Some long tails, some half tails, and there is one with a 3/4 length tail. Looks like something for everyone. 


harper puppies.jpg

Usually I don't have any trouble writing about each puppy. There is commonly a favorite for one reason or another, sometimes a shy puppy, or a sable puppy that stands out from the bunch of tri colored puppies. This litter is incredibly even. Stormy might be bouncier than the others, Thunder is stouter, but on the whole, there isn't a puppy that is any different than the next besides coloring.


This litter is super cool. They all want to be a part of everything. We try to give our puppies as many experiences as we can fit into their first few months of life. They have met the chickens, the horses, and the jersey steer calf. None of these animals bother the puppies. Feeding the livestock has become part of the puppies normal routine. We have put the pole on the agility jumps as far down as they will go and the puppies love following each other over them. Our goal is to raise puppies that have a desire to learn and their goal is to please. So by having them help us with chores and accomplish tasks, like the agility jumps and going in their kennel, the puppies get lots of praise and treats which then makes them want to find more ways to do things correctly. They are learning how to sit as well. 


5 happy, healthy girls

Unfortunately, we lost the litter girl at the top of the picture. She was a fighter but was just not strong enough.


Tri color, Long Tail

This is quite possibly the most energetic puppy in the group. She flies everywhere she goes.  

This little girl is headed to Thermopolis.



Tri color, 1/2 Length Tail

This puppy is a stand out. We have never had a puppy with this much white on their faces. She is thinner built than some of her siblings but that doesn't stop her from being in charge of the action. She is athletic as well as super loveable.  

So excited to watch this little girl grow up in Casper, Wyoming.


Tri color, Long Tail

This little girl is a thinker. She watches the other puppies run around and be crazy and then she makes her move. She is just as athletic and just as much of a go-getter, but has a touch more patience. 

She has moved in with a great family in Wisconsin.



Tri color, 1/4 Length Tail

When I started breeding Harper, I knew that I wanted to name a puppy Spring. Harper is small but mighty, she can jump just about anything and I figured she would have a puppy like herself. I named this puppy when she was only 2 days old and she has lived up to her name. She already wants to work cows, has a great recall, sits, and lays down. She loves attention and will be someone's loyal companion.

At no fault of her own, she is still available. Spring is so much fun and might just stay here. If the right working home comes along, I would consider letter her out of my site. 


Tri color, Long Tail

This little girl is my daughter's favorite. These two are already quite the pair. Tsu, short for Tsunami, is a spicy little girl that also loves to be held and soak up the attention. 

This little girl has moved to Oregon and has a growing list of friends. She has helped us develop a waiting list for the next litter. Everyone who knows her, loves her and wants one just like her.


4 very cute little boys



Tri color, 1/4 length tail

This puppy is always having fun. He likes to be involved in everything. He likes to explore but if someone goes to feed horses or the bum calf, he is right there by your side. 

Loved by a family in Thermopolis, Wyoming



Tri color, Long Tail


Flash was a little bit reserved when there were so many puppies around. Now that almost all of the puppies have found their forever homes, this kid has become one cool dude. If there is a cow within sight, Flash knows where it is and wants to move it somewhere. He already has a decent recall, even though he would rather chase the cows and calves. He needs a farm/ranch life or someone who will take him and teach him something new everyday because he is one busy guy. Flash is happy doing his own thing in the yard but as soon as you call him, he comes running. He may not be a velcro kind of dog but he knows where his people are and wants to please.

Flash now lives in Montana!


Tri color, 1/4 Length Tail


this puppy is going to be stout. He is a puppy with a big presence and stature. He is very kind but you don't miss him when he is out. He knows he is cool.

Going to be a ranch dog in Wyoming. His new name is Festus.



Tri color, Long Tail


Lightening is another one of the large and in charge puppies. He loves to sit at your feet and wait for something fun to do. He is going to be a shadow dog extraordinaire. 

My husband thinks that we are keeping this one :) (my husband is right)

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