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Patch, is a young dog, at only 20 months he has just begun his training as a cowdog.  He has the instincts that make my job training him so much easier.  He is a big stout dog that still shows a lot of growth potential.  Patch is an independant dog that loves to be loved but does not ask for it.  He is just happy being near enough to help without crowding your personal space.  He shows great promise and I look forward to watching him grow. Patch was a Father's Day gift from my wife and daughter.  He came to us from Travis Heidtman of Michigan. His parents are Heidtman's Stryker and Heidtman's Siri.  We searched far and wide to find a dog to replace Bubba as our stud dog as well as a good dependable cowdog. We look for frame size and the correct temperment and aggression that makes our dogs reliable cowdogs.  

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