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We have a special set of requirements for our dogs. They have to be tough when needed with a naughty momma cow and tender with the baby calves. They have to be able to run for miles and miles in rocky, tough, and mostly forested terrain. They also have to be good family dogs and game for whatever we plan to do that day. Izzy was picked to be that kind of dog and she may still be but she has not had the puppy life like we had planned. As a four month old puppy, we noticed that she was getting very independent. She would wander to the bottom of the yard and wouldn't come when she was called. I thought she was going through the puppy independent stage, but after a trip to the veterinarian we learned that she has only unilateral hearing. This was confirmed with a BAER test. Also, at no fault of her own, our daughter let all of the dogs out to play while Izzy was going through her first heat cycle and we found out 9 weeks later that she is a very fertile puppy. For being so young, she is an amazing mom to her six puppies. Once her puppies are weaned, we are going to resume her training and we are hoping that by using a whistle, we will be able to find a way to get her attention so that she can be the great dog that she was bred to be.

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