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HARPER - This dog was bred by Jolynne Parmely in South Dakota. She was born on December 1, 2014. We artificially inseminate a handful of cows every spring and as a five month old puppy, Harper helped bring the cows into the alley. She has never backed down, even when the cows turn back and look at her. Harper knows when to be aggressive as well as when to quietly follow along at my side. Harper works with a gathering style. She runs the edges of the group and keeps everyone together and will go out and get a straggler and bring them back. 

Not only has she shown great ability with the cows, she has also proven to be a quick learner around the house. She is very well mannered, loves everyone she meets, and has a growing list of tricks. Harper has been shown at our local county fair dog show. She has moved up to Advanced Rally Obedience and Level 3 agility, which are both off leash. She also does well in obedience and showmanship. I have never had a dog with this much energy. She will run on the mountain all day, then come home and run through all of the fields to change water, and she is still ready for any job thrown at her. She is an amazing little dog. Harper lives to please and always looks like she has a smile on her face. We have tried breeding her but have never been successful. If we ever get a litter out of her, I might have to keep every one of the pups, but I am sure my husband won't let me. This dog is just that cool.

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